Day 2

Tuesday, August 15

Oaktown to Pimento – 39.2 miles

High of 85° and Partly Cloudy

Sullivan County: Pilgrims depart from Morris Chapel and cross into Sullivan County. At the midpoint of the day’s journey, pilgrims enjoy lunch at beautiful Bass Lake near Greene-Sullivan State Park, where Bald Eagles are frequently spotted. We’ll bike to Pimento, IN just south of Terre Haute. Mass will be celebrated at St. Mary-of-the-Woods Immaculate Conception Church, followed by dinner on campus. What a perfect spot to celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!


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As I Begin This Day

“Indeed we also work, but we are only collaborating with God who works, for his mercy has gone before us. It has gone before us so that we might be healed, and follows us so that once healed, we may be given life; it goes before us so that we may be called, and follows us so that we may be glorified.”

St. Augustine, Nature and Grace

"We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing." -- 2 Thessalonians 1:3

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175 Mass

Mass for Mary, Seat of Wisdom Homily offered by Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

Author: Notre Dame Trail

Opening of the Academic Year Mass in Celebration of Notre Dame's 175th Anniversary On November 26, 1842, Fr. Sorin and a few companions arrived in South Bend after an over-250 mile trek from Vincennes. He had good reason to rest after the long trip, but he insisted on making the three-mile walk to campus that very day. He arrived here, as you walkers arrived today, and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the campus that, unlike today, was covered in fresh snow.…

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"Give thanks to the God of heaven, for His loving kindness (graciousness, mercy, compassion) endures forever.” -- Psalm 136:26
Golden Dome

Golden Dome


Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope, to thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears, turn, then, most gracious Advocate, thy eyes of mercy toward us, and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O dement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary! Amen.

Notre Dame, Our Mother,

Questions for Reflection

  • What has prevented you from hearing the Word of God?
  • How might you remove those obstacles?
  • As I begin my pilgrimage today, this is my intention:

Gospel of the Day

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.

LUKE 11:27-28

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"In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” -- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The Journey

Map of trail from Vincennes to Notre Dame

August 13-26, 2017

In the tradition of Father Sorin’s inspirational journey and intrepid spirit—our Notre Dame spirit—we will retrace his journey from Vincennes to Notre Dame. We will travel those miles in a collective renewal of our determination, to rededicate ourselves to Notre Dame’s mission to seek God, study the world, and serve humanity—to boldly lead the way into the new chapters of our story.

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