The University of Notre Dame wishes to thank the thousands of pilgrims who said yes to the Notre Dame Trail. In addition, appreciation is extended to all the colleagues, vendors and partners who helped to produce this once-in-a-lifetime event. We accomplished what we set out to do:

  • We recognized the Congregation of Holy Cross
  • We educated about the 175 year history of Notre Dame
  • We created a pilgrimage for Our Lady

Congratulations to all who participated in this journey.

"If I am alone in my ministry, I shall make a fiasco of whatever task is entrusted to me, but if the Blessed Virgin has a hand in it, I can hope for everything."

Blessed Basil Moreau

The Journey

Map of trail from Vincennes to Notre Dame

August 13-26, 2017

In the tradition of Father Sorin’s inspirational journey and intrepid spirit—our Notre Dame spirit—we retraced his journey from Vincennes to Notre Dame. We traveled those miles in a collective renewal of our determination, to rededicate ourselves to Notre Dame’s mission to seek God, study the world, and serve humanity—to boldly lead the way into the new chapters of our story.