Sat., Aug. 26 will be free of charge for all who register.

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On Saturday, August 26, the University will celebrate the completion of the Notre Dame Trail, which will commemorate Notre Dame’s 175th anniversary. The events on Saturday August 26 will be free of charge for all who register. Activities will include walking the final three miles of the Notre Dame Trail and participation in a 175th celebratory Mass and picnic with entertainment on South Quad. All are welcome to participate in these free activities, and families are welcome. Note that registration is required.

“In addition to being a physical trek, the Notre Dame Trail will be a journey of the soul. We want to ensure that nothing precludes participation in this special event celebrating the University's 175th anniversary,” says Lou Nanni, Vice President for University Relations. 

The Notre Dame Trail is a 300-mile journey following a path similar to the one Notre Dame founder Rev. Edward F. Sorin, C.S.C., and the Holy Cross Brothers traversed from Vincennes, Indiana to South Bend in November 1842. In addition to the free final day, five-day and three-day pilgrimages are offered for a limited time. Join Us

Why are you walking the Notre Dame Trail?

Hear firsthand from pilgrims about why they are walking the Notre Dame Trail. Register today to walk with these pilgrims. If you have already registered, please let us know why you are walking. Contact: trail@nd.edu

Christine Golic, Notre Dame Parent

Watch Christine Golic share why she's walking the ND Trail. "To push and challenge myself..." Walk with Christine this summer.

Lisa Hendey '85

Watch Lisa Hendey share why she's walking the ND Trail. "Notre Dame is a special part of our family..." Walk with Lisa this summer.

Pat Sarb Sr. '76, '78

Watch Pat Sarb Sr. tell us in his own words why he's walking the ND Trail. "To honor family heritage.." Walk with Pat this summer.

Sharon Sullivan '79

Listen to Sharon Sullivan share why she's walking the ND Trail. "An opportunity of a lifetime..." Walk with Sharon this summer.

Register today and walk with these pilgrims.